AWS certification

AISC Quality Management Program

AISC Certifications set the standard for the steel industry. Companies that are AISC Certified have been through a rigorous initial evaluation, and are subject to yearly reviews. AISC’s independent auditing company, Quality Management Company, LLC, confirms that companies have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to produce the required quality of work for a given category.

AWS certification

Standard for Steel Building Structures (STD)

The Certification Standard for Steel Building Structures applies uniformly to all building fabricators, regardless of size and complexity of project. AISC believes a basic level of quality that all fabricators need to maintain regardless of company size or shop capacity. The Building Standard places equal emphasis on all aspects of the fabricator’s business processes.

AWS certification

Simple Steel Bridge Structures (SBR)

This category is appropriate for unspliced rolled beam bridges. Simple Bridges can be short, single span highway overpasses. They are also pedestrian bridges, connections between buildings, or bridges on private property. These projects may interface with contracts for state transportation departments.

AWS certification

Major Steel Bridge Structures (CBR)

This certification is typically specified for bridges that have welded and bolted splices in multi-span projects. The projects include both rolled beams and built-up girders. Facilities should be capable of executing a typical three girder lay down and full assembly. The majority of these projects comply directly with state transportation departments' provisions. Companies certified for Major Steel Bridges (CBR) are also automatically certified for Simple Steel Bridges (SBR).

Companies in both bridge categories have a quality management system that supports fabrication practices necessary to meet the contract requirements for bridges - including a welding quality assurance system in accordance with AASHTO/AWS D1.5 - Bridge Welding Code.

AWS certification

Sophisticated Paint Endorsement (P1)

The Sophisticated Paint Endorsement is a quality certification program designed to evaluate the qualifications of structural steel fabricators and manufacturers of bridge and highway metal components who apply sophisticated or industrial protective coatings, such as zincs, expoxies, urethanes, or multi-coat systems in their paint shops following fabrication. The Sophisticated Paint Endorsement meets quality program criteria requirements of SSPC-QP 3, "Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Shop Application Firms." Also, The Sophisticated Paint Endorsement is based on industry standards and manufacturers' storage, surface preparation, application and curing requirements. There are currently three Paint Endorsements available:

  • P1-Sophisticated Paint Endorsement Enclosed
  • P2-Sophisticated Paint Endorsement-Covered
  • P3-Sophisticated Paint Endorsement-Outside

AWS certification

Fracture Critical Endorsement (FC)

Simple or major bridge fabricators that furnish fracture critical bridge members may qualify for the fracture critical endorsement. Fabricators must demonstrate a familiarity with procedures required to produce fracture critical members in accordance with a fracture control plan as defined by AASHTO/AWS D1.5.

AWS certification

City of Portland, Oregon Approved Fabricator

Fabrication work [within the City of Portland] that would otherwise require special inspection is exempted from such inspection requirements when the work is conducted by, and on the premises of, a City-certified fabricator. BDS approval of completed fabrication work is based on a review of a Certificate of Compliance -- stating that the work was completed according to the approved plans and specifications -- submitted by the fabricator.

The annual certification of a fabricator is based on its third party accreditation, a site audit and a review of its quality control system. The qualifications for certification are set forth in Chapter 17 of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code and the City's Administrative Rules, Section VI.

AWS certification

City of Corvallis, Oregon Approved Fabricator

The City of Corvallis has determined that the designation of approved fabricators by the Building Official will enhance the building safety and cost-effectiveness of construction.

Section 1701.7 of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code states in part as follows: Special inspections required by this section and elsewhere in this code are not required where the work is done on the premises of a fabricator registered and approved by the building official to perform such work without special inspection.

AWS certification

AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

The Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) certification is widely recognized, both nationally and internationally, in the welding industry.  Successful companies have come to rely on this AWS certification when ensuring the highest level of quality workmanship. 

We have an extensive QA/QC (Quality Assurance Quality Control) program which means that we adhere to the highest quality standards. We employ a full-time Quality Assurance inspector who is on-site during production and scrutinizes the processes and products that we build for conformance to precise specification. We rigorously track and document every step of this process to both meet project requirements, and to aid in our continuous improvement process.